A Word About Buying & Copyright - wolfpictures

Prints & Downloads - Pricing & Copyright


A range of sizes and finishes are available starting at £5 for a 7"x5".


Two sizes of downloads are available.

A 1 MegaPixel download is more than high enough in terms of resolution to be used on social media / the web.

These are only £2 each for personal use, or £10 for commercial use.

Full resolution downloads are also available.

A note on copyright and watermarks.

Please DO NOT screen-capture an image if you want to use it on social media / the web.

Just because an image has a watermark on it does NOT mean you can copy it and use it.

All rights are reserved and unauthorised use is stealing!

If you like an image and want to use it then click on the BUY link below the picture and purchase a watermark-free download!