About - wolfpictures

I’m Andy Hewson, based in the Poole area on the beautiful Dorset coast in England.

Nurtured as an IT guy, I’m a Photographer by Nature, with my main photographic interests being Martial Arts, Music & Performance, and Food & Drink.

I also photograph landscapes (regular, panoramas, and infrared)… and anything else of interest that throws itself in front of my lens that coincides with other interests.

You can see a selection of my photographs in the slideshow of my portfolio below.

Email me if you are looking for a photographer or are interested in any of the images you see  in my Galleries, or if you want to find out more about photography through one of the Wessex Photographers training sessions.

And find out more about what I've been up to by visiting my web site: wolfpictures.photography

Prints and downloads can be purchased from the Galleries.

Contact email: andy@wolfpictures.photography

Portfolio: Slideshow